DALA was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 (No. GA00244823) to promote and protect the digital lending business in Sri Lanka. Currently, our members employ more than 400 people and cater to the financial needs of over 750,000 Sri Lankans.

DALA is a collective of companies that promote the sustainable growth of the digital lending business in Sri Lanka by way of self-governance and ethical business practices, which are given in the DALA Code of Conduct.


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Polina Vertey - Chairperson

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Vadym Bortnyk

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Igors Zemits

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Alexander Afanasyev

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Artjoms Borcovs


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Membership at DALA is an ideal forum to share industrial experiences and connect with fellow members. The association represents its members' common interests with government bodies in order to promote business and maintain the integrity of the digital lending business in Sri Lanka. At the same time, DALA functions as a knowledge base for its members to share regular market updates and help each other resolve industry issues. We welcome entities associated with the wider fintech industry to join DALA as members or partner organizations. Let us join hands to develop the fintech industry in Sri Lanka.

If you wish to join DALA, please connect with us via email: info@dala.lk


 The DALA Code of Conduct is an important milestone for Sri Lanka’s online lending services industry as it provides a self-regulatory platform for its members.
 Recognising the need for the industry to take action to improve itself, DALA members have worked together to develop a code of conduct that promotes good conduct and a strong customer-focused culture. The Code of Conduct supports existing laws and regulations, bringing self-regulation to the industry.
 This Code of Conduct demonstrates the commitment of DALA members to continuously improving conduct, culture, and consumer outcomes for the benefit of Sri Lankans and the Sri Lankan economy.
  The Code of Conduct can be viewed by clicking on the link below.